Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Sylvia McGrath was born in England and moved to Canada in 1966.

She worked in the business field for about forty years where she obtained business management experience and business writing skills. She also spent several years in social work for Children’s Services.

A few years ago Sylvia decided to take a course in freelance writing, which she really enjoyed as it was the key to follow her dreams. Since completing the course, she has worked as a professional writer, a published poet and co-authored a book about living with chronic illness with Two Maximum Life Coaches.  She is also the creator and columnist for a new magazine which is published monthly for children with special needs, chronic illness and learning challenges.

Besides working as a freelance writer, Sylvia still finds time to volunteer as a literacy tutor for her local Learning Centre, and assists in facilitating workshops on disability awareness; these also are two other passions of hers.

Her main mission is to write books for young adults and children who have learning challenges and suffer chronic illness. There is so much out there for healthy children, that is to provide interesting books for children confined to home or bed which is really needed.

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