Special Announcement

Welcome to Professor Owl’s Book Corner!
(Formerly Professor Owl’s Publication Centre)

Over the past year we have made several changes to our newsletter trying to make it even better for our subscribers and here we grow again!

You will now be able to click on a link to get our newsletter directly to your computer.
We are pleased to announce big changes, a new website, new services and exciting new content! Stay tuned for more updates!

Professor Owl’s Book Corner is a hub of resources for children with special needs, chronic illness and learning challenges. Each month we produce a complimentary newsletter to showcase special activities, news and crafts for those who are sick or have needs out of the ordinary.
These activities include reading challenges, games, safe web surfing, prizes and a special page; where we feature monthly heroes  from the Variety Foundation, their stories are told on how they have followed and accomplished their dreams and have overcome or are living with their illnesses.
Professor Owl will also give monthly book reviews and news on the latest children’s books that have been released and also reading challenges. There will be books listed for all ages so no one will be left out.
Our June 2010 Newsletter is now available at http://www.professorowlsbookcorner.com

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