Professor Owl’s Book of the Month for April 2010

Book of the Month of April 2010

The Voyageurs (A North Woods Canoe Adventure)

By Bruce Stacy

Paperback: $8.90

Ships in 3–5 business days

Available for pre-order: This item will be released on May 25 2010.

This book will be available from Lulu Publishing

Available also as a Download e-Book now at

Ben, a 13-year-old boy, is invited to accompany his Uncle Jake and their French-Canadian guide on their annual canoe-camping-fishing trip into the North Woods. They fly to Duluth, Minnesota where they are met by their voyageur-like guide, Mick. Mick then drives them to the fringes of civilization and they launch their canoes into the wilderness.

The trip is an awakening for Ben, who overcomes his lack of self-confidence while learning outdoor lore, the history of the North Woods, the voyageur culture, and solving a longstanding family mystery. This story is part educational, part history and part mystery wrapped in the magic of the Northland.

Book of the Month

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