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Special Needs Week

Folks need to understand that children with special needs are not sick. They are not searching for a cure, just acceptance. This week is for special needs education. Ninety three percent of the people will not copy and paste this. Will you be part of the seven percent that will and will you leave it on your wall for at least an hour?


Professor Owl’s Hero of the month – April 2010

For young adults with developmental disabilities Variety Village offers a Lifestyle,

Independence, Nutrition, Knowledge, and Sports (L.I.N.K.S.) program. The program currently has 23 young adults (ages 21 to 45) enrolled and a substantial waiting list. Through educational and fun programs, such as exercise, sports, swimming, nutritional planning and cooking, current events, computer training and community outings, members become more self-aware and self-reliant while developing friendships, and team building and leadership skills. LINKS participant, Aidoo has really progressed since joining the program in 2005. He has made a lot of new friends and he has gained a lot of confidence in himself through learning to read.

Aidoo Variety Village Hero April.

Aidoo Variety Village Hero April.

AIDOO: “I have been in the L.I.N.K.S program since April 1, 2005 and I have learned a lot of new things. One of them is how to read and write. When I began, I barely was able to recognize the letters of the alphabet. I began to trace them on worksheets. With practice writing in a daily journal and working with the staff on our outings to the library, I began to recognize small words such as hat, cat and bat. I found a “Cat in the Hat” book at the library and was excited when I could figure out many of the words. Eventually, I was able to read more words and gain confidence in my new-found skill.”

Professor Owl’s Book of the Month Review – April, 2010

Book Review by Sylvia McGrath for Professor Owl’s Book Corner

Sylvia McGrath

The Voyageurs

(A North Woods Canoe Adventure)

By Bruce Stacy

Bruce Stacy’s writing paints this book with dense colour. His characters are so well-developed that I feel I know them all very well and that I was actually on the trip myself fishing and camping. I don’t want to give anything away here, but it was a thoroughly satisfying read; a book that any young adult would enjoy and relate to.

Although I do not intend to rough it, the book has put me in the mood to take a trip this summer and enjoy the country side, wild life and even do a little fishing

Professor Owl’s Book of the Month for April 2010

Book of the Month of April 2010

The Voyageurs (A North Woods Canoe Adventure)

By Bruce Stacy

Paperback: $8.90

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This book will be available from Lulu Publishing

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Ben, a 13-year-old boy, is invited to accompany his Uncle Jake and their French-Canadian guide on their annual canoe-camping-fishing trip into the North Woods. They fly to Duluth, Minnesota where they are met by their voyageur-like guide, Mick. Mick then drives them to the fringes of civilization and they launch their canoes into the wilderness.

The trip is an awakening for Ben, who overcomes his lack of self-confidence while learning outdoor lore, the history of the North Woods, the voyageur culture, and solving a longstanding family mystery. This story is part educational, part history and part mystery wrapped in the magic of the Northland.

Book of the Month

Professor Owl’s Book Choices for the month of April 2010

Reading level: Baby-Preschool

Sheep in a Jeep Board Book

Professor Owls book choices

by Nancy E. Shaw, Emily Meyer,

and Margot Apple

(Board book – Mar 3 2010)

CDN$ 7.50

Reading level: Ages 4-8

The Easter Egg

Professor Owls book choice

by Jan Brett and Brett

(Hardcover – Feb 9 2010)


Reading level: Ages 9-12

The 39 Clues Book Nine

Professor Owl's Book Choice

by Linda Sue Park

Hardcover – May 25 2010)

CDN $11.67

Professor Owl’s Book Corner – April 2010 – Storytime

Sharing Books website there are over 250 books available for download; every month we will feature one of their books in our Story Time Section.  Sharing Books is the home of children’s e-Book’s, stories, and classic children’s literature.

The books for download are free like share-ware in the software industry. Paying is completely optional and you decide if you can pay and how much you want to pay.

This month’s story is:

“Can Dogs Talk?”

“Can Dogs Talk” by Frank Jeff

Professor Owl’s Newsletter April 2010

Welcome to April’s newsletter.

Over the past few months we have made quite a few changes to our newsletter, and we hope you are enjoying them.

This month we will also cover area’s for young adults since our Variety Village hero is older than usual.  You will find out how Variety Village is able to assist him to be a little more independent by helping him to improve his reading skills.  Our book of the month is directed to our older readers.  We will, however still have books listed for every age along with creative projects, cooking treats and puzzles both easy and difficult, so that no one is left out.

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We would also like our older readers to take a look at the video shown in the link below.

Let this video help you make a new beginning in your lives also.