Paralympics Trivia

  • The first Games for athletes with a disability were held in 1948 in Stoke Mandeville, England involving World War II veterans with spinal cord injuries.
  • Four years later in 1952 athletes from the Netherlands joined the Games and the international movement, now known as the Paralympic movement, was born.
  • Olympic style games for athletes with a disability were organized for the first time in Rome in 1960, immediately after the Olympic Games – the first Paralympic Games. Around 400 athletes from 23 nations competed in eight sports, six of which are still included in the Paralympic Competition Programmed (Archery, Swimming, Fencing, Basketball, Table Tennis and Athletics).
  • Since then the Paralympic Games have been organized every four years in the same year as the Olympic Games.

Between March 12th and 21st the Paralympic Games will be held in Vancouver, BC.  Follow highlights on the preparations and the games as they unfold or visit the following link

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